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Get to know the author and artist Natalie in her dynamic and authentic Be Your Own Makeup Artist podcast, who educates and empowers both professional makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike. 

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In this book, Natalie passionately explains that one size does not fit all when it comes to makeup. This book is helpful for all people - those familiar with makeup and those who prefer to go au naturel, like me! 

Farzana Marie, Author

I was able to apply techniques from her book right away - without having to run out and buy more things. In fact, she never asks you to buy anything in this book. All she does is supply you with knowledge and confidence to approach and apply make up in your own way, in your own style and to match your own lifestyle.

Jenelle BoTTS, Photographer

This book is just beautiful!
*Incredibly accessible to everyone
*Aesthetically stunning!

Annette, Makeup enthusiast

Natalie is an authentic writer and this book isn't bias to one brand or company, it's bias to doing what she does best.... helping people feel radiant in their own makeup!

Susan J., director of sales, Pepsi Co.

Natalie is a fabulous teacher and offers guidance on how to look and feel like yourself in the best makeup. A great companion for anyone wanting to use makeup.


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